Salem Steel

CLIENT Salem Steel
AGENCY Watermark
CAMPAIGN/ PROJECT A 360 communication package for Salem Steel
Problem/ Opportunity An overall communication package had to be created involving print, electronic and online media, comprising the following:

  1. Corporate campaign
  2. Product Campaign 1: for Pipes and Tubes
  3. Product Campaign 2: for Finishes
  4. Product Campaign 3: for Dinnerware and Tableware
Key Insight The following insights emerged through dipstick surveys conducted by the agency:

1.       Salem Stainless Steel is a proven name across various sections of people/ an integral part of everyone’s life

2.       Salem Stainless Steel pipes and tubes form the lifeline of many industries as they are used at every stage of production/ manufacture.

3.       Customers find Salem Stainless Steel dinnerware and tableware to be a good investment as they are long-lasting.

Creative Idea/ Strategy Anything that’s of high quality and is dependable becomes an integral part of our lives.
Execution Each requirement in the communication package –the corporate campaign and the product campaigns – were executed across various forms of media – press (newspapers and magazines – both national and regional), TV, radio, outdoor, online ads and POS collateral.
Challenges faced 1. A lot of research had to be undertaken before commencing the project. Since this was a pitch, neither the client nor the agency could bear the cost of the research.

2. The absence of a planning/ strategy department in the agency.

3. The absence of a strong client liaison team that could effectively convey the strategy, ideas and creative execution done by the creative team.

4. No guidance or information from the client as it was a pitch.

Result   1. The entire presentation took almost six hours and what was originally intended to be a one hour window with the chairman of Salem Steel ended up being a day-long interaction with the management.

2. The agency won the pitch on the basis of the strategy and creative presented.

3. Some of the work done, like the kitchenware campaign, was immediately implemented to launch the products.

My role 1. As the senior creative resource for the agency, I had to wear multiple hats – account planner, creative director, senior writer and servicing head.

2. I had to gather information on the client, the category, the market and the competition, and then put together a brief.

3. Step 2 was then followed by communication strategies and creative propositions for each category.

4. As Creative Director, I oversaw the execution of the campaigns, supervising the art team that followed my vision for the brand.

Other projects I was instrumental in the agency winning several clients like Wiparquet, Duracrete tiles, Ceebros Builders, Farwood Industries and P Orr & Sons, by playing similar roles in creative, planning and servicing.