R V Memorial

CLIENT RV Memorial
CAMPAIGN/ PROJECT Communication package for a commemorative event with a social cause attached
Problem/ Opportunity The communication had to focus on the following objectives:

1. take the annual event to newer audience segments

2. showcase the talents of the young performers

3. increase awareness of cancer amongst youngsters who are prone to bad habits

4. throw a spotlight on cancer research

5.  invite contributions from corporates and the various target segments

6. bring together the key stakeholders on a unified platform

7. highlight the contribution and research by the medical fraternity

Key Insight Since the participants in the music event were all school-goers, the primary audience at the event tended to be their peers, friends and classmates from school.
Creative Idea/ Strategy The communication had multiple objectives and there was a lot of information that had to be shared with the target segments, hence blogs and social media platforms were chosen to bring forth the different dimensions of the event from a social, personal, medical and musical perspective.
Execution 1.       A database of various groups of stakeholders, some of whom would also act as information dissemination hubs and carry the message to their peer groups, was created.

2.       Key members of the medical fraternity were involved to offer insights on cancer research from a professional perspective.

3.       A timeline and a information flow sheet were created to ensure that each blog post and social media upload offered information in a sequence, regarding the event and the cause.

4.       Even as the communication focused on creating a buzz around the event, it also called out for contributions and donations that would go towards cancer research.

5.       At the event, several touch points were created for audience interaction, like photo op corners and a bell that the audience to ring on their way out to show their appreciation.

Challenges faced 1. The stakeholders spanned different ends of the spectrum – from students to senior citizens, from parents to professionals, from the medical fraternity to music lovers. The communication had to be tailored to be relevant to each of them.

2. The target segments had different interpretations and different expectations of the event – the communication had to address this covertly and set the stage for the big day.

3. Regular updates and responses to queries from various quarters had to be addressed – in the absence of a regular help desk team, this had to be done by the creative head and the founders of the show.

Result   1. The response to the event was overwhelming. The bell installed at the foyer never stopped pealing.

2. One million Indian Rupees was collected and donated for cancer research, to two NGOs – Sharana and CRRT.

3. The blog and social media posts came in for praise from various sections of the audience that followed the steady stream of communication for over two months.

My role 1. I volunteered to help out in this event and offered my services as a creative professional and as a writer.

2. I came up with the idea of a creative package that would involve social media and focus on the internet users as the primary target audience.

3. The blogs were all written by me, with inputs from the founders and the medical fraternity.

4. I worked both as the Creative Head and a writer on the posters and invite that appeared in social media for the event.

3. I oversaw the entire project from a creative and information design perspective, ensuring both culminated in creating a platform for the event.