CAMPAIGN/ PROJECT To create a unique, interactive milestone in print – a collector’s item that can showcase L&T’s construction capabilities, projects and successes across various industries.
Problem/ Opportunity L&T ECC – the construction arm of L&T – has made its presence felt across varied verticals. All of them had to be brought together under a common umbrella, which could be a concept or a creative idea which could hold the entire CTB together.

The CTB had to showcase the comprehensive capabilities of the construction division and needed to highlight the division’s capabilities to deliver total design & construction solutions across all types of factories and cement plants.

Key Insight L&T touches the life of the common man in so many ways.
Creative Idea/ Strategy During the course of a 24-hour day, we embark on various activities at different times, and at different places. From the time we set out of our residences, to going to school/ college, to visiting a religious place or a hospital, from exercising or playing at sports sta­dia, to going to the bus station to take a bus or to a mall or restaurant for a meal, every hour is spent doing something, somewhere. Not a moment passes when we don’t come in contact with an L&T creation.

In the circle of life, L&T is the pivotal center point.

Execution 1.       The wheel has a window through which we see different wedges. The wheel comes a full circle, traversing 24 hours of the day.

2.       The ‘wheel’ on the cover also serves as an interactive mechanism and has a window that offers a glimpse into each part of the day where L&T has made its presence felt. By turning the wheel, one can follow the progress of the day as the individual visits various ‘L&T successes’. A full rotation of the wheel will cover a day. As a mechanism, the wheel is affixed on the cover with the various wedges/ seg­ments printed on the cover.

3.       The various segments of the day are projected through different colour schemes, based on the colours of the day, from dawn to dusk and moving on to the next dawn.

4.       There are two storylines in the book. Like the tracks of a train, they run in tandem right through the book. The first is a first person narration of the young man as he describes his day. The second is about L&T’s role in completing various successful proj­ects in each category.

Challenges faced 1. The enormous breadth and depth of L&T’s activities which made it difficult to showcase only their best projects.

2. Creating a concept that could hold their entire body of work together.

3. Understanding the role of L&T ECC and its specialized construction activities in each vertical .

Result   The concept and execution were highly appreciated by the client.
My role I served as the Creative Director and Senior Writer in the project, leading the art team through the execution.

Starting from research before commencement of the project to ideation, extension of the concept to each vertical and each section of the book, the entire project evolved from my vision for the brand.