CRI Pumps

CAMPAIGN/ PROJECT A 360 communication package for CRI Pumps that included ATL, BTL and internal communication for employees, local plumbers and trade.
Problem/ Opportunity The following points had to be focused on in the communication package:

1. There were several players in the domestic pump category and some of them were genuine operators. It was time to separate the wheat from the chaff and reach out to potential customers, telling them how to ‘look for quality’ when choosing a pump.

2. The chief influencer of domestic pumps was the plumber who was largely ignored by the industry. BTL ideas and promotions had to be created to give him his pride of place.

3. Be it domestic or industrial, maintenance and service were always crucial in the operation of a pump and most users fell back on the unorganized sector for support. CRI was slowly ushering in a revolution by setting up its service units, like the big names in consumer durables did.

Key Insight A pump never comes into conversation as long as it is working smoothly. It’s only when it makes a din that it attracts unwanted attention.
Creative Idea/ Strategy After conducting a brief study amongst pump users (CRI and non-CRI), the results revealed the key insight mentioned above. From this came the creative proposition – the silent performer.

The silent, efficient performance of CRI pumps was highlighted in the corporate, product and service campaigns.

Execution 1.       The corporate campaign used the metaphors of famous silent performers who changed the world with their actions.

2.       The service campaign used the metaphors from the animal kingdom of life forms that were efficient performers in their routines.

3.       The product campaign focused on diversity – in terms of range and reach.

4.       The industrial pump campaign focused on the features in a problem-solution approach.

Challenges faced 1. Insufficient data available in the category regarding the market, consumer and trade.

2. Creating multiple campaigns for different products and services, with all of them dovetailing into ‘The Silent Performer’ route.

3. Working out a strategy for simultaneous release of the campaigns, but avoiding overlap in media vehicles common to two or more campaigns.

4. Conveying the importance of focused brand communication to the client as the category was known purely for tactical and sales- driven communication.

Result   1. The agency bagged the client as a result of the presentation made.

2. A roll out plan was chalked for various campaigns, starting with the ‘five star’ (for efficiency) communication.

3. The client was impressed both with the positioning (The Silent Performer) and the overall communication presented to him.

My role I mentored the entire project, initiating the research and then using the data collected to chalk out a strategy for the brand.

Using this strategy, I worked on the creative positioning and the individual campaigns. I worked as a Creative Director and Senior Writer for the entire duration.

I worked on the presentation and made it at the client’s corporate office in Coimbatore.

Other projects I have also performed similar roles for the agency and have helped it acquire a roster of clients like S P Apparel (Crocodile), Hello FM (Daily Thanthi) and LCS Homes.