Chennai Super Kings

CLIENT Chennai Super Kings
AGENCY Showspace
CAMPAIGN/ PROJECT The launch of the entire team of CSK – players, coach, backroom support staff and event management agency – to an elite audience comprising the who’s who of the city, and media professionals.
Problem/ Opportunity 1. The team positioning was ‘Fearless entertainers who play to win’. The fearlessness and entertainment aspects of the team had to be on show at the event.

2. The event would have all the players take the stage.

Key Insight The T20 stage was a gladiatorial cauldron where all the action took place – and the players (CSK in this case) were warriors who played to entertain and win.
Creative Idea/ Strategy The venue was transformed into a coliseum where dramatic action would make way for dramatic reveals (of the players).

The action sequences had to be of a never-seen-before nature and hence international performers from the cirque de soleil were flown down for the evening.

Execution 1.       The cricketers were classified into smaller teams based on varied skills needed both as a warrior and as a cricketer. Thus, it became easier to introduce them in little groups rather than in alphabetical order. Each set of introductions was preceded by a international performance based on that skill.

2.       The captain was finally introduced as the commander and the general of this army of skilled warriors.

Challenges faced The key challenges were as follows:

a. Give each player his pride of place in the introduction

b. Integrate the entry of the players into the event without making it look extraneous.

c. Avoid the awards format of simply calling each player by name on stage, which would make it boring.

d. In all this, maintain the theme of the evening, which was fearless entertainment.

e. Provide thrills through action sequences, fireworks and blasts to bring out the fearless excitement, but ensure that the players wouldn’t feel threatened by the proceedings.

f. Avoid crowding on stage as over 20 players had to be introduced.

Result   1. The show was a runaway hit and it was difficult to figure out who was the happiest – the audience for being provided such a delightful feast of explosive action, the client for beginning the franchise with such a successful event or the players, who were launched like movie stars.

2. The team and the event got a tumultuous response from the media as the blitz was extensively covered in the papers and in the regional channels the next day.

3. The event helped forge a long-term bond between the team management and the players who were convinced that they would be taken good care of.

My role As the creative resource, I created the concept and structure for the event. I followed this up with a script for the entire evening, weaving every minute of the action in sequence.

I also scripted the audio visuals that played between the different sets of player introductions.

Other projects A similar project undertaken by the agency was The Extra Terrestrials, a show that brought in incredible talent from the world over to the southern cities of India. I created the proposition and the visual look of the show, in addition to creating an elaborate 360 communication package of over 40 ads, posters, outdoor, online banners, radio spots and leaflets for the event.