Channel W

AGENCY Avigna Technologies
CAMPAIGN/ PROJECT Intranet for around 10000 Wipro employees across 20 locations
Problem/ Opportunity The application developed had to:

1. facilitate access to HR and corporate information from an employee’s desktop

2. enable employees to stay in touch with one another through various clubs, message boards, chat, and knowledge-sharing features

3. add to an employee’s convenience by offering self-service applications like leave management, benefits management, compensation planning and internal career management.

4. Make the application interesting and relevant to the young TA

5.  Enable community development so the employees could stay in touch, work better in groups and also help each other in case of offshore projects or relocation

Key Insight The TA was almost entirely below the age of 30 and hence the application to be developed had to be young, energetic, vibrant and constantly ‘happening’.
Creative Idea/ Strategy Channel W – a B2E application that would be functional – in terms of being an employee self-service, collaboration and community framework – and fun, with several interactive features that would make it a ‘hangout’ destination on the desktop.
Execution 1. The first step was to collate information which involved interviewing key personnel from various departments to take their inputs and suggestions for Channel W.

2. The next step was to work out on the information design of the application, a tedious process as it involved multiple levels and numerous micro sites.

3. Different teams had to be formed to handle various parts of the site – the content team, the back-end team, the design team and the maintenance team. In all, over 100 personnel worked on Channel W to make it a reality.

4. Finally, the entire application – comprising over 4500 screens – was put together and debugged to ensure that all the functions worked without any overlaps or repetitions.

Challenges faced 1. A core team led by me had to travel to multiple locations to collate information, process it and then segregate it for each section and subsequent sub-section.

2. The volume of information to be handled was in a three dimensional matrix, the variables being the various departments, the static (screens) and dynamic  (forms) in each department and the drill-downs in terms of levels under each section. Putting it down in an excel sheet or a physical chart was extremely complex.

3. Extensive cross-linkage had to be done for the employee to seamlessly transition from one department or section/ sub-section to another. This had to be done across over 4500 screens.

4. Putting together the work done individually by different teams required complete knowledge of the hierarchy of information and the position of screens and links.

Result   1. Channel W targeted better service and efficiency, thereby resulting in increased productivity and satisfied employees.

2. Direct access to information, paperless processes, and online approvals resulted in reduced service delivery time, faster reimbursement of expenses and quicker appraisal processes.

3. The typical turnaround time of three weeks for reimbursement was reduced to 48 hours.

4. While Wipro grew in strength overall, from 6500 employees to around 10000 employees, the support staff reduced from 565 to 547 employees. This resulted in net savings of Rs 50 million for the organization.

5. The intranet based e-learning component resulted in savings of close to Rs. 10 million due to reduction in travel, logistics costs and faculty time, during 2000-01.

My role 1. As the Senior General Manager – Creative, I was in charge of the project and worked closely with the project manager to successfully complete and deliver the project.

2. The concept of Channel W was coined by me.

3. I oversaw the entire project from a creative and information design perspective, ensuring both a creative interface and a robust application.