Bharat Petroleum


AGENCY Congruent Solutions
CAMPAIGN/ PROJECT Training programme on safety aspects
Problem/ Opportunity This had to be a training programme with a difference for the following reasons:

1. The target audience comprised drivers and cleaners who were semi-literate at best, so the programme could not have written text as notes, handouts or slides

2. The programme could not be of a classroom variety or a lecture because the TA wouldn’t be amenable to sitting for hours listening to safety rules. It would have to be interactive, involving and conform to their frame of reference

3.  The TA were always on the move and hence there could never be an organized programme at a given venue

4. The entire safety manual had to be covered and it was a voluminous compilation of several rules, dos and don’ts at various stages of handling fuel tankers

5. The training programme had to be in regional languages, so the mandate was to create the entire campaign in five different languages to begin with.

Key Insight The TA was almost entirely united by its passion for cinema and for its idolization of movie stars.
Creative Idea/ Strategy The entire body of content was disseminated through an interactive multimedia programme, comprising interesting stories and games that were animated and voiced by ‘popular stars’. The objective was to offer them attractive infotainment that would make them reach out for it, rather than the other way around.
Execution 1.       Various episodes and games were created to cover the entire content, using a set of recurring characters.

2.       Each episode was produced like a regular regional ‘TV serial’, complete with humour, action and face-offs, to interest the TA.

3.       The entire content thus created was ported onto touch screen terminals installed at each BPCL filling station. The rationale? Drivers and cleaners had a lot of free time when the loading/ unloading process was on. This was when they could utilise their time effectively, learning safety procedures and getting entertained simultaneously.

4.       The entire project couldn’t have text and hence voice-enabled help and assistance was provided at the touch of the screen. Similarly, replay, re-start and pause buttons were also provided.

5.       Mimicry artists were roped in for the voice recording and each character was based on film artists popular with the TA in each language.

Challenges faced 1. The need to perform dual roles, as Creative Director and Project Manager

2. Handling over 50 GB of voice files and animation at a time when PCs were equipped with 2GB hard disks

3. The challenge of working in languages I was unfamiliar with

4. Sourcing five sets of voice over artists for the five languages and coordinating their availability at the same time for recording sessions

Result   The campaign was well-received by the TA and word of mouth made it the center of attention wherever it was installed. The success of the multimedia programme encouraged the client to revert to the agency, to have the modules made in other languages as well.
My role As the creative head and the project manager, I devised the creative route of dispensing information through stories and games in a format popular with the TA.

I also created the stories and games for various episodes.

I oversaw the entire project from a creative and timeline perspective, ensuring both quality and timely delivery.

I supervised both the audio portions – which involved recording in five languages and background score for each episode – and the video, which comprised flash animation and interactive games.